Fábrica de Pavimentos

APTUS has been producing prefabricated concrete floors and coverings in Benedita-Alcobaça for over 25 years.
From the traditional mosaics, with which it started its activity, to the paving blocks (pavés), through the manufacture of imitation Portuguese pavement slabs and natural stone slabs, it offers a wide range of exterior floors.
Subsequently, it extended its offer to wall coverings and pool borders, seeking to ennoble concrete through innovative solutions in design, functionality and decorative value.
The accumulated experience in the production of prefabricated concrete floors and coverings has enabled the company's products to be recommended, and subject to prescription, by numerous architectural firms.
In Portugal and abroad, APTUS sells its products to professional and private customers, responding to an increasingly demanding demand, in terms of quality, design and functionality.

  • Angra

  • Calçada Lusitana

  • Basalto

  • Calçada

  • Calçadinha

  • Bordaduras de Piscina

  • Deck Ip

  • Deck Pinho

  • Deck

  • Eskassis

  • Évora

  • Holanda

  • Khalifa

  • Marvão Antracite Mix

  • Marvão Antracite

  • Marvão Cinza

  • Marvão Ocre

  • Marvão Pedra Gris

  • Marvão Pedra Marron

  • Marvao Terra

  • Menara

  • Moka Mix

  • Monsanto

  • Monsanto

  • Obidos

  • Oriente

  • Marvão

  • Sintra

  • Split

  • Travertino

  • Uni

  • Alfa


Some of
our projects.

Here are some examples of the Solutions we created for our customers. 

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